Egg Muffins

Yields 12

Serving Size 3


Breakfast Egg Muffins

I like these breakfast muffins because you can make 12 of them at once. You can freeze or refrigerate you can easily make a variety of flavors.   Feel free to use all egg whites instead of whole eggs, that way you can use avocado to get your fat calories instead of the yolk. I've listed two options but you are only limited by your imagination. If you have a couple of muffin tins, use them and double your yield. These muffins are a great snack any time.

30 minPrep Time

30 minTotal Time

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  • 12 eggs
  • sweet potatoes: Optional
  • sauteed veggies of your choice
  • avocado topper


  1. Spray 12 cup pan with 100% olive oil or avocado oil spray.
  2. Option 1: 1-2 T. mashed sweet potato at the bottom topped with sautéed veggies (be sure and sautee in order to get the water out, otherwise you'll end up with mushy egg muffins)
  3. Add one egg cracked on top of each tin.
  4. Season to your preference.
  5. Option 2: Omit the sweet potato, blend the eggs in a bowl or use egg whites from a carton and fill the cups 1/2 full.
  6. To the egg add your choice of raw diced veggies like onion, bell pepper, mushrooms etc. **Keep in mind that high water veggies like spinach and asparagus can make the muffins runny so use it raw or steam it and squeeze the water out.
  7. BAKE AT 350 degrees until egg is done, about 13-16 minutes
  8. *Have a serving of berries or other low sugar fruit if needed for fullness.
  9. Typical portion is 3 but consult your meal plan