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My nutrition programs vary in duration according to my clients’ specific goals, however, as a good foundation I have found my most successful clients adhere to my recommended schedule as follows:

Week 1- Initial Consultation

Week 3- First Follow Up (re-measure and adjust meal plan as needed)

Week 5- Second Follow Up

*Follow- ups continue every 2-4 weeks for progress checks and accountability until the client starts to put new habits into place, accomplishes planning, prepping and is compliant enough on their own to see the results that they were aiming for. This can be easier said than done because so many clients come to me with years of “bad habits” built up. These habits need to be unlearned, unwound and replaced with new health-minded habits. Our emotional attitudes and attachments to food can be strong and amazingly hard to resist. We have all heard “old habits die hard”! It has been proven though, that habits can be changed with a good plan and accountability. With that being said, most programs last between 6-12 months.

Nutrition Program

Initial Consultation 

Individual $295 (1-1.5 hours)
Couple $ 
350 (1.5-2 hours)


The initial consultation includes the following:

  • Body fat and circumference measurements
  • Review of medical health history, lab work, supplements etc.
  • Review of client questionnaire covering habits, meal preferences etc.
  • Goal setting
  • Personalized meal plan
  • Accountability program
  • Recipes to start the program

You will leave my office with all the tools to get started!


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Follow-Up Consult 

$50 Individual (30 minutes)
$75 Couples (45 minutes)

The follow-up visit includes the following:

  • Review how your progress since our last visit
  • Re-measure body fat for a new lean/fat ratio
  • Evaluate your meal plan and make any necessary changes
  • Evaluate your energy expenditure


This is a good opportunity to evaluate or re-evaluate goals, see what is working, where you are struggling and more importantly where you are succeeding!! Each visit we build on your triumphs and personalize YOUR plan accordingly.


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Micronutrient Test Consult

This is a quick consult to pick your test kit. You will be given instructions, along with a list of labs recommended by SpectraCell. All blood draw is performed off-site, at a blood draw lab of your choice. You may need to fill out additional forms.

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