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Farmer’s Markets are a great way to get outside and spend the morning “foraging” for fruits, veggies ,organic eggs and meats from local vendors. As the growing season prepares to be in full swing soon, now is the time to get to know your local farmers and growers so you can be up to speed on what’s coming down the pike.
Here are some tips for a good experience at the FM.

1. For best selection, go early. For better bargains (maybe) go towards the end
2. Bring small bills, bags for your loot, and water to drink.
3. When you arrive, do a once over of the market to see what’s available and then make your purchase plan.
4. Build relationships with your fave farmersFarmer’s markets can be on the pricey side, but keep in mind that you are buying the most nutritionally dense produce because it’s fresh! Chances are the produce was picked a couple of days before market. You’re also supporting local agriculture and businesses. Check out the most popular farmer’s markets near  you.

10 Best Farmers Markets in The Woodlands and surrounding areas.

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